★ Silver Screen Stars: Joan Blondell

American actress Joan Blondell was born on this day in 1906. A former beauty queen, she established herself as a major pre-Hays Code movie star, most notably in her partnership with Glenda Farrell, which saw the duo appear together as ‘gold diggers’ in nine films. One of the highest paid people in America during the Great Depression, Blondell’s career spanned five decades and encompassed more than 100 roles in both film and TV, but she’s perhaps most recognizable to modern audiences as Vi, the kindhearted waitress in Grease (1978).

The lady herself is seen here at the height of her fame, in a signed publicity photo from 1936, and a 1932 publicity photo that was later deemed so scandalous it was actually banned under the Hays Code! Ooh la la!

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