★ Tales from the Royal Wardrobe with Lucy Worsley

Tales from the Royal Wardrobe with Lucy Worsley

★ There’s a great documentary called Tales from the Royal Wardrobe with Lucy Worsley, currently available to watch on iPlayer, about the clothing worn by the British Royal family over the last 400 years. It goes into all of the subtle statements that can be expressed by choices of clothing, and the impact that such choices have had upon history. I particularly like the segment where Dr Worsley gets dressed in Elizabeth I’s queenly-attire, as it shows all of the various layers and undergarments that wealthy women wore in the 16th Century. Costume museums often show undergarments alongside the external clothes, but until you see someone actually put all of them on, it can be a little difficult to appreciate not only how the various layers go together, but just how many there are! It really is fascinating stuff, so make sure to catch it while you can!

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