★ Silver Screen Stars: Luise Rainer

★ For 2015’s first installment of Silver Screen Stars, I present the lovely Luise Rainer. The Austrian-American actress was not only the first person to win two Academy Awards, she was the first person to win them consecutively! Taking home the award for Best Actress in The Great Ziegfeld in 1936, and again for The Good Earth in 1937, Rainer later remarked that winning two Oscars so early in her career had been the “worst possible thing”, as it raised audience expectations of her, to a point she felt was impossible to meet. She left Hollywood in 1938, after a brief but brilliant sojourn of only three years.

Born on this day in 1910, she sadly passed away less than two weeks ago, on 30th December 2014, at the truly magnificent age of 104 (which, incidentally, also makes her the longest-lived actress ever to have received an Oscar). Oft-forgot and truly underrated, she’s seen here at the peak of her fame, in the 1930s.

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