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★ Faithless (1932) – Vintage Lobby Cards

Poster 01 - Faithless (1932)

★ Starring the sassy and sultry Tallulah Bankhead in her last film role for more than a decade, Faithless is a 1932 film that practically exemplifies pre-Hays Code Hollywood movies. Focusing on a spoilt socialite who loses all of her money during the Great Depression, it’s a wild ride of premarital sex, adultery, drinking, gambling, prostitution and lashings of double entendre. If the promise of all that raunch and grittiness doesn’t make you want to watch it, then maybe these fab hand-coloured lobby cards will…

Poster 02 - Faithless (1932)

Aren’t they great?! I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously impressed with the colourization work on these. I’ve added colour to some vintage black-and-white photos myself in the past, and even with Photoshop it can be tricky to make it look good, so I can’t imagine doing it by hand! I also love that these cards give you a chance to get a good, long look at some of Bankhead’s divine evening dresses! They’d have been the height of fashion at the time (though with an undoubted extra dash of Hollywood glam), and they’re a great source of period-accurate fashion inspiration. I just might have to bust out the old needle and thread…

Much love,

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