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★ Doris Day Visits the USS Juneau, c.1952

Doris Day visits the USS Juneau

★ If anyone truly deserves to be called ‘lovely’, it’s Doris Day. Beautiful, talented, kind, and with a wonderfully sunny disposition, she’s one of my favourite actresses from the golden age of Hollywood. I think her charming personality really shines through in this photo, don’t you? It was taken as Day welcomed home the anti-aircraft cruiser, USS Juneau, from a stint in the Korean War. Spending time visiting crew members and attending dinner in the mess hall as guest of honour, Doris was escorted throughout her three-hour tour by a 16-man host committee, made up of a representative from each division aboard ship. This photo shows her holding a bouquet consisting of 16 red roses – again, one for each division aboard the ship – that had just been presented to her by Bernie W. Boyer (left) on behalf of the crew, as James E. Stanford (right) looked on.

The photo itself isn’t dated, but USS Juneau had two Korean War tours, returning to Long Beach on 1 May 1951 from the first, and on 5 November 1952 from the second. Since this was published in All Hands magazine in January 1953, I’d guess that the 1952 date is more likely – if you have any more information on it, please do let me know as I’d love to hear it!

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