★ The Animaux Range by Puddin’ Head

Animaux by Puddin' Head at Eclect Design

★ You probably know by now that I have a bit of a thing for vintage, and you may also have noticed that I tend to favour vibrant and vivid colours. So looking at these fab cups and coasters, you’ve probably already guessed that they’re right up my street! Aren’t they fantastic? They’re just part of the gorgeous Animaux range created by Richard McAdam, under his brand, Puddin’ Head. A graduate of Sydney’s prestigious National Art School, McAdam has given each vintage style illustration a wonderfully whimsical twist that brings them up to date. I think the elephant and the rooster are particularly fun designs, and the gold lustre used to highlight each cup is a luxurious touch that really finishes them off – love it!

Currently available through Avenida Home at Eclect Design, the cups cost £15 each and the coasters £5, which certainly isn’t the low end of the market, but for such unusual pieces it’s far from outlandish. Whether sticking to one design, or mixing and matching a few to make a set, I’d be more than happy to produce these out of the cupboard when the neighbours came round for coffee. And you know, it’s also occurred to me that combining these with those fab ‘manimal’ portraits I featured a while ago, you could create a truly quirky theme that’d really turn some heads…

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Images: Avenida Home at Eclect Design

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