★ ‘Portrait of a Lady as Flora’ by Nattier

'Portrait of a Lady as Flora' by Jean-Marc Nattier

★ One of the things I love about art is that no matter how many paintings I see or artists I research, there never ceases to be another beautiful discovery just around the corner. And here’s another. Currently in the Museum of John Paul II Collection at the Porczyński Gallery in Warsaw, Poland, is the beautiful ‘Portrait of a Lady as Flora’ by Jean-Marc Nattier (1753). Although the lady in question has never been definitively identified, she is strongly suspected to be Princess Victoire of France, and judging from other paintings of the princess, I would certainly agree. However, even without a name for the face, this is a truly gorgeous picture. From the vibrancy of the red fabric and her rosy cheeks, to the crisp and pristine white dress, the entire picture just ‘glows’ with colour. Gorgeous.

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