★ ‘Madame Bergeret’ by Francois Boucher

★ I have something of a passion for the French Ancien Regime, so I find this beautiful portrait of ‘Madame Bergeret’ by Francois Boucher (possibly 1766) to be absolutely delightful. Boucher is one of the quintessential Rococo painters, with his work perfectly encapsulating 18th Century aesthetics. Strongly influenced by neoclassicism, Boucher portrayed nature as a tranquil idyll, frequently romanticizing his subjects in intimate scenes within a generally lavish, luxurious and opulent world. From the lush greenery and cascades of flowers, to the details of Madame Bergeret’s sumptuous silk dress adorned with beautiful blue ribbons, this portrait amply demonstrates Boucher’s classic Rococo style. Currently located at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., this gorgeous painting is so wonderfully evocative of the period, I can practically hear the crisp silk taffeta rustling…

Much love,

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