★ Happy Easter! Vintage Greetings Card (c.1910)

★ I know that Easter Monday isn’t an official holiday in a lot of places, but it is here in the UK, so Happy Easter! I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend with your friends and family! Because I didn’t really want to wait a full 365 days until next Easter to post this, I thought I’d take this last opportunity to show you another beautiful antique greetings card I just came across. This one dates from c.1910, and is beautifully hand-tinted with some delicate watercolours. Whoever did it has not only taken the time to colour the intricate designs on the eggs, they’ve even applied a hint of blush to her cheeks! Hand-colouring can look utterly awful when it’s badly done, but when it’s done well (as in this case) it creates such a pretty effect, doesn’t it?

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4 thoughts on “★ Happy Easter! Vintage Greetings Card (c.1910)

  1. I remember those enormous white sugar eggs, which had a “peephole” (no pun intended) at one end. Inside was a three dimensional scene made of layers of cutout images. My mother never let me eat those eggs — they sat in a cupboard until they were too dusty and stale to taste good.

      1. They usually had frosting piped around the “equator” as shown in the photo of the girl holding a big sugar egg — probably assembled after having the little scene put in place. Once, after prolonged whining on my part, my mother let me eat a fragment that had broken off in the cupboard. Although wrapped in cellophane, the sugar tasted like dust.

        1. Ah, being in two halves would explain a lot. Letting you eat a piece was probably a very shrewd move on your mother’s part – I bet you weren’t so keen to eat them after that?

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