★ ‘Portrait of Elsa’ by Frank Bernard Dicksee

★ I love the rich saffron yellow and warm tone of this beautiful ‘Portrait of Elsa’ by Victorian painter, Frank Bernard Dicksee (before 1928). Born in London in 1853 to noted artist, Thomas Dicksee, Frank was taught how to paint from a young age, and achieved success early in his career. Famous for his pictures of literary, historical and mythological subjects, he was also a sought-after portraitist for the fashionable ladies of high society, including such notable figures as Lady Alice Hillingdon (alleged originator of the phrase “Lie back and think of England”) and Marie Clothilde Guinness (of the famous brewing family). Appointed as President of the Royal Academy of Arts in 1924, he was awarded a knighthood in 1925, and named to the Royal Victorian Order by King George V in 1927. He died in London on 17th October 1928, aged 74.

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