★ On the Beach in Atlantic City (c.1905)

★ A young woman enjoying the summer sunshine on the beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey, photographed by William M. Vander Weyde (c.1905) and now forming part of the George Eastman House Photography Collection. I think this is such a great photo, as she has that fabulous joyful look on her face, and her bathing dress is so wonderfully of its time that it’s a little snapshot of fashion history. The background too is full of interesting period details, with the buildings on the boardwalk, the young boy in his bathing trunks, and the lady shielding herself from the sun with a parasol. I also think it’s a great photo because of the sheer effort that must have been required to take it. It was made using a gelatin dry-plate glass negative, which means that the photographer was intrepid enough to carry a very heavy camera and wooden tripod, with very thin and delicate glass plates, to a beach covered in fine sand that could so easily infiltrate and ruin his equipment. So bravo to Mr. Vander Weyde, because in this delightful photo his efforts paid off.

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