★ Easter Portrait for Whitman Chocolates by N. Muray (1945)

★ I know Easter is over, but I just cannot resist sharing this wonderfully vibrant portrait of a young woman wearing an Easter hat, photographed by Nickolas Muray for Whitman Chocolates (1945). Presumably intended to form part of Whitman’s Easter advertising campaign that year, this photo is so pretty it would certainly entice me to buy chocolate (not that I need much enticement!). From the intense green background, to the rich blues of her jacket and hat – with its eye-catching pink roses – the highly-saturated and contrasting colours do an excellent job of grabbing the attention. The unmistakably vintage look of this photo’s rich colours is thanks to a three-color process called Carbro, which is sadly no-longer commonly used due to its time consuming nature. I think that’s a real shame as the results are gorgeous!

Much love,
PS. If anyone has seen this photo in use in a Whitman Chocolates advert, I would love to see it, so please do let me know in the comments!

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