★ Ad for Adams Fruit Chewing Gum (1919)

★ I just love this beautiful illustrated advert for Adams California Fruit Chewing Gum, as published in Shadowland magazine, September 1919. Painted from a photograph, it features a likeness of American silent film actress Ruth Roland, who was endorsing the product with the claim that “ripe, red cherries” and this particular brand of chewing gum are “equally delicious”. I can’t testify as to whether she’s right or not, but I will say that this fab picture must have certainly enticed many a magazine-reader to give it a try.

Much love,


  1. I love this ad — it was more honest than a series of ads from Wrigley Chewing Gum that touted gum as a beauty aid! “What most excited the astonished Spaniards who first set foot in Mexico was not the glittering gorgeousness of Aztec civilization as much as the Aztec women’s seeming possession of the secret of perpetual youth.

    “It was observed that Aztec women rarely lost their teeth and their lips stayed marvels of youthful loveliness even into old age. Could this signify that a woman is only as young as her lips? But how [sic] keep lips young?

    “The Aztecs’ Beauty Secret was chewing Sapota gum (the same as in Wrigley’s). Chew Wrigley’s regularly each day. Keeps lips young by toning up muscles and preventing saggy wrinkles. Try Double Mint – it’s peppermint flavored.” If you are interested, you can find a series of three articles about these nutty “Chew Gum to Prevent Winkles” 1930’s chewing gum ads at my blog, https://witness2fashion.wordpress.com/2013/12/28/chew-gum-for-beauty-wrigleys-ads-from-1929-to-1936/. (I apologize for honking my own horn — but the ads really were amusing to me.)


    • Chewing gum as a beauty aid? Haha, I think companies would be willing to claim that today if there weren’t laws against that kind of thing! It’s like advertisers used to be able to claim that smoking was good for you and ‘cleared the lungs’… I notice that one of the ads you posted claims that chewing gum “Clears the throat for the next smoke”. Absolutely gobsmacking!



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