★ Faithless (1932) – Vintage Lobby Cards

★ Starring the sassy and sultry Tallulah Bankhead in her last film role for more than a decade, ‘Faithless’ is a 1932 film that practically exemplifies pre-Hays Code Hollywood movies. Focusing on a spoilt socialite who loses all of her money during the Great Depression, it’s… Read More

♥ ‘A Love for the Ages’ – Vintage Valentines

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In the spirit of this most romantic day of the year, I thought I’d share a few gorgeous vintage Valentines with you. I’m a sucker for vintage illustration anyway, and these are particularly beautiful examples – they even have some fancy die-cuts and… Read More

★ Vintage Advert for the Haynes Roadster

★ Just came across this wonderfully stylized illustrated advert for the Haynes Automobile Company, dating from 1919. Featuring four doors, a massive 12 cylinder engine, wire wheels, and running boards (I love cars with running boards!), this oh-so-chic roadster… Read More