★ ‘The Exile’ by T.C. Gotch (1930)

★ I absolutely love this stunning painting from 1930, entitled ‘The Exile’, by Thomas Cooper Gotch. The colours are so vivid, and such an unusual combination – crimson, French pink and gold – it really is incredibly striking. The gold in particular does a lot for this colour palette… Read More

★ ‘The Artist in His Studio’ by Whistler

★ Just stumbled across this gorgeous painting by James McNeill Whistler, dating from 1865/66 and entitled ‘The Artist in His Studio’ (that’s right, it’s a self portrait and the guy on the right is Whistler himself!). Aside from how wonderfully impressionistic this painting is, I absolutely… Read More

★ The Romance of the Pre-Raphaelites

★ I’ve been looking at a lot of art by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood lately, and I’ve found the rich yet subtle colours, opulent fabrics, elaborate details, and their sheer beauty a real source of inspiration. I’m something (ok, a lot) of a history geek, so I’ve always been interested… Read More