★ Court Presentation Ensemble (1896)

★ Utterly exquisite court ensemble worn by Emily Warren Roebling for her formal presentation to Queen Victoria in 1896. The wife of Brooklyn Bridge engineer, Washington Augustus Roebling, Emily played a significant role in the building of the bridge by taking over day-to-day… Read More

★ Gabrielle Chanel Fashion Plate (1917)

★ Lovely illustration showing a selection of day outfits designed by Gabrielle Chanel, published in ‘Les Elegances Parisiennes’ in March 1917. A product of changing social realities and the harsh practicalities of the First World War, these three outfits are the embodiment of late-1910s… Read More

★ Fancy-Dress Costume by Paul Poiret (1911)

★ Today marks the 138th anniversary of French fashion designer Paul Poiret’s birth. So to honour the occasion, I thought I’d take a brief look at his legacy and one of his most famous creations. A leading couturier of the early 20th Century, he… Read More

★ The Bride of 1920 – Between Two Eras

★ I just love this beautiful portrait photo entitled ‘The Bride’ by Harry Upperton Knight (1920), not only for its beauty but for the fascinating glimpse it offers of post-WWI wedding attire. An undoubtedly beloved outfit, the bride’s ensemble has some interesting details which place it… Read More

★ Woman’s Lace Dress, c.1818

★ Spring is now officially here, and to celebrate the fact that warmer weather is on the way, I thought I’d share this delightfully sunny dress. Currently in the collections of LACMA, this beautiful yellow linen and lace dress is a wonderful example of Regency fashion. Made… Read More

★ Making History: LACMA’s Historical Pattern Project

★ In 2011, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) began a project to pull patterns from various pieces in their costume collection. Initially working with theatrical costume designer Thomas John Bernard, the Costume and… Read More

★ Taffeta Promenade Dress, c.1870

★ How sensational is this dress?! The colour is amazing! It was made in the United States around 1870, and that date, together with the rich and vibrant colour, suggests it was dyed with a then still relatively new aniline dye. Aniline dyes were the first synthetic dyes ever made, and… Read More

★ 1885 Women’s Embroidered Boots

★ I love this exquisitely embroidered pair of women’s boots – the flowers are so delicate, and the soft and subtle colours stand out so wonderfully against the black! Currently in the collections of LACMA, they’re made of fine silk, linen, kid leather and suede, and they were… Read More

★ 1860s Purple Velvet Floral Bonnet

★ Isn’t this women’s bonnet just gorgeous?! I absolutely love the rich, deep purple colour, and the contrast between the matte finish of the velvet, and the shine of the silk satin ribbons is so beautiful. The handmade silk flowers adorning the brim are so pretty too, and add… Read More

★ 1860s Embroidered Velvet Ladies Slippers

★ These embroidered silk velvet and leather women’s slippers are so elegant! I’d happily wear them outside they’re so stylish! The intricate floral embroidery is just gorgeous, and I love the fact it winds its way around the heel of the shoe as well. They were made by a company called… Read More