★ Ad for Adams Fruit Chewing Gum (1919)

★ I just love this beautiful illustrated advert for Adams California Fruit Chewing Gum, as published in Shadowland magazine, September 1919. Painted from a photograph, it features a likeness of American silent film actress Ruth Roland, who was endorsing the product with… Read More

★ Gabrielle Chanel Fashion Plate (1917)

★ Lovely illustration showing a selection of day outfits designed by Gabrielle Chanel, published in ‘Les Elegances Parisiennes’ in March 1917. A product of changing social realities and the harsh practicalities of the First World War, these three outfits are the embodiment of late-1910s… Read More

★ Ad for Van Nelle’s Afternoon Tea (1927)

★ Wonderful illustrated advert for Van Nelle’s Afternoon Tea (1927). Stylistically, this advert is so typical of the period. From the warm shades of apricot, blue and brown that make up the colour palette, to the highly idealized woman with the fashionable Marcel wave hairstyle, simple… Read More

★ Magazine Illustration by Irving Nurick (1948)

★ Great watercolour illustration by prolific American artist, Irving Nurick, as featured in the January 1948 edition of Ladies Home Journal. I know that photographs tend to dominate magazines these days, but I think there’s so… Read More

★ 1956 Advert for the Cadillac Sedan DeVille

★ A truly fabulous image to advertise a fabulous car. They really don’t make them like this anymore! (Neither the car, nor the advert.) Intended to advertise the swanky Cadillac Sedan de Ville, this gorgeous illustration is by Jon Whitcomb and dates from 1956. Retailing for… Read More

★ Vintage Advert for Whitworth Cycles

★ Isn’t this advert for Whitworth Cycles just great?! Dating from around 1890, it’s by the famous Romanian artist, Jean de Paleologu. With the six pretty girls gazing down admiringly at the dashing young cyclist, it reflects the now-often-forgotten fact that during cycling’s… Read More

★ ‘Éirinn go Brách’ – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

★ Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! A super quick post just to wish you a good day, and to show you this vintage St Patrick’s Day postcard dated around 1908. It features a really quirky illustration by New York based artist, Ellen Clapsaddle… Read More

♥ ‘A Love for the Ages’ – Vintage Valentines

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In the spirit of this most romantic day of the year, I thought I’d share a few gorgeous vintage Valentines with you. I’m a sucker for vintage illustration anyway, and these are particularly beautiful examples – they even have some fancy die-cuts and… Read More

★ Vintage Advert for the Haynes Roadster

★ Just came across this wonderfully stylized illustrated advert for the Haynes Automobile Company, dating from 1919. Featuring four doors, a massive 12 cylinder engine, wire wheels, and running boards (I love cars with running boards!), this oh-so-chic roadster… Read More