★ View of the St. Louis World’s Fair (1904)

★ The Louisiana Purchase Exposition – better known as the St. Louis World’s Fair – opened in St. Louis, Missouri, on this day in 1904. Intended to commemorate the centenary of the 1803 purchase of the Louisiana territory from France, the fair showcased a range of exhibits from 63… Read More

★ Easter Portrait for Whitman Chocolates by N. Muray (1945)

★ I know Easter is over, but I just cannot resist sharing this wonderfully vibrant portrait of a young woman wearing an Easter hat, photographed by Nickolas Muray for Whitman Chocolates (1945). Presumably intended to form part of Whitman’s… Read More

★ On the Beach in Atlantic City (c.1905)

★ A young woman enjoying the summer sunshine on the beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey, photographed by William M. Vander Weyde (c.1905) and now forming part of the George Eastman House Photography Collection. I think this is such a great photo, as she has… Read More

★ The Bride of 1920 – Between Two Eras

★ I just love this beautiful portrait photo entitled ‘The Bride’ by Harry Upperton Knight (1920), not only for its beauty but for the fascinating glimpse it offers of post-WWI wedding attire. An undoubtedly beloved outfit, the bride’s ensemble has some interesting details which place it… Read More

★ Love in La-La Land: Hollywood Valentines

★ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I couldn’t let this day pass without taking a look at rather a bygone tradition in Hollywood – the Valentine’s Day publicity shot. It’s where upcoming young starlets (and sometimes even well-established stars) would pose for cutesy Valentine’s Day… Read More

★ Silver Screen Stars: Ida Lupino

★ Anglo-American actress and director, Ida Lupino, was a true Hollywood pioneer. Born in 1918 in Herne Hill, London, to a theatrical dynasty dating back to Renaissance Italy, Lupino was encouraged to perform from an early age. In a backyard theatre built by her father, she… Read More

★ Happy Fourth of July!

★ Happy 4th of July everyone! Whether you’re American or not, I’m sure you can agree that this little girl dressed as Lady Liberty is utterly adorable! Photographed by Harris & Ewing in 1916 (99 years ago!), she must have felt like the prettiest girl in the world in that cute little dress… Read More

★ ‘Costumes by Adrian’ – A Vision of Camelot

★ I just stumbled across these fabulous vintage photos of the original 1960 Broadway production of ‘Camelot’, by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe. Based on the legend of King Arthur, it had been adapted from T.H. White’s acclaimed… Read More

★ Silver Screen Stars: Dorothy Malone

★ American actress, Dorothy Malone, was born on this day in 1925. Having begun her acting career in 1943, at the tender age of 18, Malone appeared in films such as ‘The Big Sleep’ (1946) opposite Humphrey Bogart, and ‘Artists and Models’ (1955) where she played Dean… Read More

★ Silver Screen Stars: Luise Rainer

★ For 2015’s first installment of Silver Screen Stars, I present the lovely Luise Rainer. The Austrian-American actress was not only the first person to win two Academy Awards, she was the first person to win them consecutively! Taking home the award for Best Actress in The Great… Read More